Tuesday, 8 October 2013


From new label Sonic Terror Discs, a vinyl rerecording of a ripping demo from this new UK punk band, who I've seen tear it up live a couple times. The vinyl's sound is naturally fuller and more packed out than the tape. Obnoxious (both tape and seven-inch acknowledgements proclaim "Thanks to: NO CUNT") and agitated, concerned with big picture hopelessness, no small moments of despair, big shit philosophical monoliths of anger and angst like on Life Is Hate, a slower thing than the hardcore punk drive of some of the other songs, needling with its guitar line at first, but chugging along and flaring up with slicing parts, and then running up again into those needles as it screams "LIFE IS HATE/LIFE IS HATE/LIFE IS SHAME/LIFE IS CHAINS/LIFE IS WAR/LIFE IS HATE." Futility has got some more street-punk tinges to it, in the way the background vocals chime in, equally as shouty as the main vox, as it slams itself bodily into government evil and thrashes about in underclass wrath. Bodies has a heavier bass rumble to its speed, like a kinda out-of-control truck kinda rhythm, No Vision is a mostly wordless stomper, stretched since the demo, that flails over a steady trudge, relentlessly oblivion bound in workmarch and daymares and and other killing drugs. "NEED DRUGS FOR HEALING/LIQUOR FOR BREEDING/DESTROY ALL FEELING/TIL YOU'RE FACE DOWN ON THE FLOOR". Their eponymous song is warm writhing hardcore punk with a background hum, nihilistically scorching with lines like "BORN INTO CHAOS/PURPOSE UNKNOWN" although "THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH/WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" here as the final line on the EP, almost doubles as an curt expression of showbound purpose as much as the bleak truth of shit life that it is. Real stuff.

Available on their bandcamp. Thankfully the page is no longer NSFPWDWTSSPGABJWSUATOWAGL.  (Not Safe For People Who Don't Want To See Seth Putnam Getting a Blowjob While Shooting Up And Tying Off With a Guitar Lead).

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